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First day

Date:   8/24/2005 9:33:08 PM ( 17 y ago)

Well I made it through the first day. Usually the first day is the easiest isn't it? My body is still feeding off of all the pop, candy and chips I ate yesterday! I was pretty hungry at around 7 p.m. I made a huge salad and ate that. Unfortuantely it didn't "hit the spot" the way a nice bagel with peanut butter would have but it was still good. I started thinking about things that might make me cheat and I figure it will have nothing to do with the food. The more I want to lose weight the harder it becomes because I start to convince myself that I don't really need to. You know that inner voice that tells you to befriend complacency even when you aren't happy with yourself? Well that's going to be my biggest challenge. I want to be able to say, hey, I'd like to lose 20 pounds, that's the goal that I set for myself and that's exactly what I'm going to work towards and finally achive. Others have done it, I have the same potential so I can too.....there's no looking back this time!


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