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A clear linkage is to be established in the form of a cause effect relationship for teh disease and the effect on your body.

Date:   10/18/2005 12:09:56 PM ( 17 y ago)

Having identified the organ infected or malfunctioning is half the cure is a common saying.It works well for the doctors and experts.But here we are talking of self cure.In self cure we will have to not only exhibit a lot of patience but also require lot of courage and innovation.
The best part is that since we are going to practise it on our own body we have full complete and thorough knowledge of immediate effect of anything that we do.We are the people devising the cure and so know all the steps that we are going to take and have taken.
A professional or qualified Doctor is a person with knowledge of the whole anotomy as well as skills in his particular specialisation field. We have to begin just like a professional and try to first get as much information as possible about the body part in question.
Please note that we are working on the basic premise that you have self diagonised your ailment at an early stage and it is not something which is a impediment to your daily routine life style.
Any illness which is acute can not be treated so slowly and will require expert advise be it alophathic or alternative medicine.
Coming to our administration of self cure we collect enough information and knowledge about the anatomy of the part in question and fully try to understand its working.
In many cases we will have to study the whole system for eg Digestive system or respiratory system etc.A thorough study will help you to closely examine the exact nature of your problem and what the impediment is about.
Since it is going to be a new experience for each one of us we are talking of innovative understanding on the system visavis our ailment.
The exact effect of the disease and the changes and impediment caused to the normal functioning of the body parts are to be studied.A clear linkage is to be established in the form of a cause effect relationship and slowly you will find the picture coming to life.
From not knowing what is happenning you will now be able to understand the methodology of the problem arising in your body.
It is getting late for today........

Anand Damani


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