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A logical study of Symptoms Helping to identify the organs sufferring and the disease.

Date:   8/21/2005 3:11:52 AM ( 17 y ago)

Symptoms to be understood need a very sharp observation of the person concerned. Many a times the symptoms are not clearly defined and may be pointing in altogether a wrong direction. Understanding them is very important in such cases to attempt self-cure with herbs.

It is very difficult to classify the symptoms in any logical basis. Still we can try doing the same with an idea to understand the principles underlying the various kinds of discomforts, which can be classified as pointers to some disease or ailment.

Routine habits, all the every day habits that form a part of our everyday life are all symptoms. E.g. could be Hunger, Thirst, sleep, Bowel movements, Exercise.
We could be having a excess or loss of one of these. It can generally be said to be anything that is not normal for us. Say for eg if you are used to sleeping late in the morning getting up early is a change and a symptom. Symptoms can be for betterment also .You start a daily routine of doing Yoga and feel fresh daylong. This is also a symptom, A positive symptom of better health.

But our study at this point of time is focused on symptoms pointing to anything wrong in the body or body systems.
To name a few common symptoms we can list the following.

Headache, Fatigue, swelling, Weight loss, cough, fever, cold shivering, constipation, loosemotion, joint pain, urinary burning sensation, Skin rashes, color change,irritant behavior, Red eyes,breathing problem, nervousness tiredness numbness and so on .

All the above can be broadly classified as follows:-
Disease linked Symptoms:-
Some symptoms can be directly attributed to specific diseases. For e.g. a running nose would clearly mean a case of severe cold resulting in discharge of fluids through the nose. We may be suffering from more diseases but cold is going to be one of them.
Body system linked;-
These symptoms are linked to a body system giving no idea of the exact disease. Say one morning we find that the bowel movements are watery and frequent. Now we can say that there is a problem with the digestive system but we can not identify the exact disease which has caused the same. It could be some food allergy it could be diarreheo dysentery worm infection or something else also.

General Warning:-
This symptoms are more generalized and affect body parts without helping us to link any specific body system. For eg severe headache is something which can be because of indigestion (digestive System) or Sinus (Respiratory system ) Blood clots (Circulatory System) or Nervous System.
Unclear Symptoms:-
These are very difficult to notice as well as comprehend. Their recurrence, time period body parts affected are all unpredictable. These are early warnings and are followed at times immediately by other clear indicating symptoms are at times just pass out to resurface years later. Examples could be fatigue, sleeplessness, loss of appetite for a few days etc.

Vague symptoms:-
Some times you find that the symptoms are missed and confusing. These are sort of feelings where the uncomforting level is bearable and you carry the discomfort with you through out your daily chores. At times it goes away with time and you are none the wiser. A typical example would be stomach ache .It could be because of anything. In women particularly you may be expecting your menstrual cycle and then the pain wanes out during the day. What do you call that :)

No Symptoms:-
This can be called the last type of symptoms where the patient is not able to pin the symptom to no body part but just says he is not well. I am not myself you often hear people exclaiming. These are what we can call no symptom illness and many times they could be psychological and mental rather than having anything to do with the anatomy.

More yet to come
Anand Damani


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