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Watch out for the Danger signals coming from your BODY.

Date:   8/19/2005 2:55:44 AM ( 17 y ago)

The first step in trying self cure is the most important one.Just like you have a standard and Phathological tests to identify deviations, in self cure we have to spend more time to study our disease.
No disease unless by accident or injury is caused in a day.It takes time and our body gives us signals which we tend to ignore or pass them away as insignificant.Now we have to start looking carefully at any abnormal changes in our routinue life.Two days before you have a full viral infection you start to feel uncomfortable on the inside.You do not sleep properly or do not feel hungry or just dont feel your normal self.That is your bodys immune system giving you a warning.Beware!!!! your defence soldiers are screaming.It must be because of the late night your settle down.It may or may not be correct.
What is required is a little more concious watchfull attitude from then on.
All major diseases from Diabetis to Cancer from Toothache to joint ache begin small.
Please understand your Body is your biggest asset and the organs the best jewels that can adorn you! Care for them as much as you care for your Investment and property.
To end this note I would like to add a interesting fact.

During the peak health Man uses, mistreats and rapes his own body organs to gain wealth attending business lunches, week end assignments, late night social parties all to build wealth.He amasses a lot of wealth compromising with his heart or Liver or stomach or someother thing which God has gifted him. Some years down the line he spends a Fortune trying to regain or recover the same liver which was spoilt and damaged because of his negligence.And this circle comes in everyone life and still we do not bother to get out of this vicious Circle.

Anand Damani.


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