Day 6/nauseous by Lizbeth .....

nauseous/can't keep water down

Date:   7/1/2005 11:53:04 PM ( 16 y ago)

Ahhhhhhh what a day.....i still havn't eaten yeah! good for me still holding strong but Iam at the point where your senses become keener mainly your sense of smell. I have become smell sensitive like where taking out the trash has me to to "yacks" where you wanna vomit but don't. It reminds me so much of the first 3 months of pregnancy. Not fun.

Only I realize this time is different. I actually do vomit. Of course nothing comes out but water. still yucky. So I start thinking it's a symptom of withdrawl..and Then Oh, son who 3 says my tummy hurts adn threw up all over the place. Poor kid. So I've been taking care of him Obviously we are sick. Although the only thing my son have shared in common latley is the same water.

I read it's better to drink distilled water on a fast......and usually we drink drinking bottled water. Our water in Flordia is severley bad.Although the distilled water is from a place in flordia. Im switching back to our old stuff tommorow just in case.

It's bad though now. Everytime I drink water I "UP Chuck" which is horriable considering Im on a fast and IT REQIRES WATER. I know the dangers of fasting and becoming dehydrated.It's not a good happy thing. I have not caved though. But Iam wondering if I need to end my fast.this is sooner than I expected to end it. I know I'll feel jipped if I don't see it through. Although I don't want to jepordize my health.

My withdrwawl symptoms are subsideing. thank god. Im not longer seeing streaking and shadows through the corner of my eyes. Let me tell you that was scary. You all seen GHOST right remember the parts where the bad guys dies and the shadows (demons) come up from the streets and carry the them to hell screaming? That's what it looked like when I was seeing these streaks. At first I really believed that's what was happining.I was very relieved to find it was only part of the drug withdrwal! I still feel a little "off" though.

I weighed in this morning at 184 seems like I've only been loosing 1 pound a day now. although, I admit I have not begun my excersize program yet....I m laging on that aspect. I guess I already feel like crap.I don't want to move around alot and feel more like crap.on the other hand maybe it will help.

Anyway..........My deleimma is.......Do I need to end my fast? Is it no longer safe at this point? OR Is my fast even better right now to get over this bug?

What do I do???????????????????????? Anyone had anything like this.....

Please someone give me a view a perspective an expierience. I know your out there. $0 some people read my blog today. All I ask is one of you awnser this time.........just once.


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