Recipe : Ginger and Cachew Sauce for veggies by Jhan .....

Sauce recipe to give this new taste to the same - good old- veggies

Date:   6/4/2005 12:08:39 PM ( 16 y ago)

Abraham's fantastic recipe, on veggies or on meat, always delicious:

Heres the best stir fry sauce I've ever made... actually the best I've ever tasted too. I have several people agree with that as well.

Grind some cashews, my food processor (best way) broke so I use a blender (fine if you do small batches). It should be close to powder. Add your favourite fat, I use olive oil, I bet coconut oil would be good. Butter works too. It's about 5 parts cashew to one part oil, like runny cashew butter. Stir in some milk, any kind. When I'm lazy I use cow's milk but rice milk, nut milk, soy milk, etc should all work. Make it thinner than you'd like, as you cook it'll thicken. If it gets too thick add more milk. THe main spices are ginger and curry, don't be shy with them. I also add some cumin and a bit of garlic. If run the fresh ginger through a garlic press you can get ginger-juice and have a smooth sauce (if you ground the cashews enough), otherwise you'll get chunky bits. Salt (I use sea salt) of course, some pepper if you like. Cayenne pepper if you like it spicy. Last is the sweetener, I add a bit of stevia extract, it makes a real difference but you could skip it if you like. Obviously it's very low sugar and low carb. You could probably make it cold with flax/hemp oil but I haven't tried that. I usually pour it over fried veggies like bok choy, any peppers, onion, brocolli, carrot, bean sprouts, etc.


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