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Antioxydant to prevent oxydation by toxins

Date:   6/4/2005 12:03:27 PM ( 16 y ago)

Candida, like mushrooms and bacterias grow easily on toxic material. It is part of the nature equilibrium to use bacteria and fungus to break down toxins. Toxins are making a lot of damage in your body. This is why you need antioxydants, to prevent the oxydation done by toxins.

Why do we have candida, because our body is highly toxic due to poor eating habits, why is it that an antifungal is not enough to get rid of candida, because you need to address the very cause and cleanse your body.

Meanwhile, candida causes harm (depletes magnesium and thus causes calcium deficiency, form in rizhomes and drill the intestitnal walls.
So we also need calcium magnesium supplements as well asgood fat (aextra irigin oil and flaxseed oil)

But toxins too cause harm. And this is why we need antioxydants:

Antioxydants which address skin issues are the ones listed on my post above: Zn, vit A, vit E, selenium, etc.

Detox bath are also important, some toxins will ONLY come out through perspiration, through the skin pores , you need antioxydants to protect your body while they are in and perspiration to let them out and cleanse your body.



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