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Help your kidney cope and improve detox with fasting.

Date:   6/4/2005 11:44:46 AM ( 16 y ago)

A semi fast is much better than a full fast with candida.
The semi fast I did was the master cleanse (mc) without the maple syrup: lemon juice (antioxydant) and cayenne pepper (for blood circulation) in source water.

Lemon juice is prone to help expell the mucoid plaque (mp) (the accumulation of toxins on the walls of the intestine where candida lives) from the intestine.

With candida we are so very deficient in essential nutrients that it is difficult to do a complete fast. Usually, with the mc people carry on for 30 to 40 days and see mp coming out. (But the maple syrup helps to provide them with essential nutrients)

You might want to try, aloong with the full fast:
lemon and cayenne all day and a broth in the evening.
Watch your energy level and the golden rule is to start eating when you feel too weak. [And this is why a semi-fast, in my opinion, is a better option, cause a fast should last for about 30 days and there is no way that a mineral deficient person suffering of candida will last 30 days ]

What I do instead is a semi-fast where I take a light ( yogurt, flaxseed, sunflower seed ) breakfast and my suppplements (calcium, magnesium, vit B, C co-enzyme Q-10 and probiotics.

SPICY LEMONADE (whenever I feel hungry)
A granny smith appple for lunch (amazing ot help out release the candida bulbs)

And soup for dinner (+ prob. and suppl.) A broth of a soup with veggies.

BEWARE when you stop the fast do it progressively with small meals for the first day and normal meals the following day only.

You might want to take psyllium in the morning and afternoon to keep up with bm. Not necessary but compatible

Questions and Answers

---How much lemon juice and cayenne pepper in a glass of water do I use?

About a spoonful of lemon juice and just a dash of cayenne, it is up to your taste really.

----Approximately, how many glasses of the lemonade do you drink per day on the full fast? and on the semi-fast?

I would drink about 4 liters of it!!!

---How many days do you do the fast and the semi-fast?

The fast you do until you start feeling weak, it really is personal

the semi fast you should be able to do for 2 or 3 weeks... again, listen to your body and start eating a bit more when you feel weak.

I did the semi-fast during 6 weeks (actually one week of complete fast followed by a semi fast. But aim at 3 to 4 weeks that's plenty. After the 4th week I started seeing white stuff (yeast) in my stool.

THe best is to rotate: bowel cleanse, liver cleanse and kidney cleanse so unless any of these organs calls urgently for help, keep rotating the cleanse (about 3 weeks each)

---While doing the fast, are there any particular herbal teas that would be better to drink? for example ginger tea?

To better support the kidneys the teas you should drink are blackcurrent (a bit sweet though), parsley and linden (absolute treat).

To better support the liver: artichoke, dandelion, milk thistle and black raddish (tea or supplements) I like artichoke tea

Whenever you feel die off, ginger tea and enema are the perfect solution.

---What should I eat when I start feeling weak?

First you must go slowly about it. Your liver is no longer used to digesting a lot of food (and while it does not need to bother with digestion it is actually VERY busy cleaning your blood - this too explains the great results you get from fasting).

Broth is the best start. First green leafy veggies boiled in water, w salt and fine herbs.... (especially cilantro - to helps mercury out of your system, but basil, parsley, chives all have healing properties) I DO NOT eat the veggies- I dispose of them and eat the broth only. Thereafter you can add a bit of chicken broth to the mix. I also like to put clove and ginger. Most fine herbs and spice have healing propertie so explore there possibilities.

Once you feel ready to add protein to your diet, start with raw eggs - and a dash of vanilla, a spoonful of yogurt and plenty of water. Blend thoroughly.

Later on, you can start eating solid. Go progressively or your liver will get overloaded and you will feel nauseated.

Take Care,


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