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I lost 25 pounds by adding milk to my diet and subtracting soda and juices

Date:   3/2/2005 12:34:36 PM ( 18 y ago)

Hi, this is my first time posting. Itís been 3 years since Iíve lost the 25 pounds that was really hurting my self esteem (Iím a female college senior now, am 5í5íí and weigh 130). I lost the weight over a 5 month period, entirely by switching from sodas and juices (very high calories and carbs) to water and coffee. But I found that while I was losing fat, I also was losing all my muscle and would constantly be hungry. Adding milk to my diet changed this (high protein, low fat and calories). I soon became sick of skim milk, which was too watery, but was afraid whole milk would put my weight back on. While visiting my sister in Boston I stopped by a Garelick Farmís promotional event (I always go for free samples) and got hooked on Over the Moon Milk. It tastes exactly like 2% and Whole milk but has the same calories and fat as skim milk (and higher protein). Check out the nutrition info at (I saw coupons here too and a $25,000 contest). I havenít been able to find another milk thatís healthy without being watery. So my advice is, get rid of liquid calories, but keep in milk to sustain muscle mass and avoid hunger.


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