Whim by Wrenn .....


Date:   2/22/2005 5:54:07 AM ( 14 y ago)


On the spur of the moment..
(born of a whim),
you have needlessly and irrepairably
brought about my destruction.

You did not think twice, (to consider me);
but rather..; brought along a friend..
(to witness my death)

It is hard enough to die,
but far worse - to have an audience for it.

I know you meant no intentional harm.
When you have no frame of reference,
how can I hold you to blame?

You have never known the frailty of the
situation, and so could never have foreseen
(the consequences of your actions).

But; (whether you realise it or not),
you have taken the One thing I have...
(the Only thing I have)..
& shattered it, (with one careless move).

You obviously did not know how precious
(& fragile) my self-esteem was to me.
But that you did not even care to ask
is much harder to accept.

I have spent countless years trying to hold
(these broken pieces) together.
From where I stand now...
I don't know if I can fix it again.

Ami 1988


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