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natural skin lightener tips

Date:   2/17/2005 11:52:51 PM ( 14 y ago)

Anti-Freckle Cream

Pumpkin seed kernels
olive oil

pound the pumpkin seed kernels
into a powder.
add just enough olive oil
to form a paste.

this is an ancient recipe.
keeps skin soft and removes


anti freckle things to try

lemon juice

parsley juice

regular washing with rosemary tea

Squashed tomatoes or
eggplant juice
NOTE!!! use face compress
use thin muslin.cover face
cut out holes for eyes and nose
avoid eye areas/ apply juice
to compress .

cucumber with lemon juice
use with compress.


fullers earth is a great clay used specifially for lightening.

also linden (lime) flowers


spots on HANDS

this is a strong smeller here but if have dark spots on hands,

grate raw horseradish and pound it after to get it pulpy/ add a little bit of lemon juice, and rub on blotches on skin or hands.
dark birthmarks etc...DO NOT EVER PUT THIS ON FACE!!!



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