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Dr Tanveer Singh Bhutani

Date:   7/4/2022 5:17:08 AM ( 4 mon ago)

Dr Tanveer Singh Bhutani

While news of patients being unduly fleeced at big hospitals surface frequently, a meeting with Dr Tanveer Singh Bhutani can repose that trust in the medical fraternity— because he is not only a man of golden touch, but also a man with heart of gold — someone who genuinely cares for every patient — giving them personal care he would give to his own parents.

His emphathetic heart equals his excellence as an international surgeon, making him an unmatched orthopaedics specialist in India and beyond.

In fact, Dr Tanveer Singh Bhutani has been excellent even during his studies. Not only did he top his university, he received gold medal from the then President APJ Abdul Kalam. Thanks to his excellence, European organisation SICOT awarded him international scholarship in Belgium, which was the first ever to an Indian. He became the first ever non-European to bag ESSKA Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Scholarship from Luxembourg. Seeing his talent, one of the genius surgeons and pioneers of knee replacement surgery Dr Hans pasler took Dr Tanveer under his own tutelage in Germany. Dr Tanveer went on to win Excellence in Academics award during his M.CH from the UK as well.

With such shining academic record, Dr Tanveer could have easily settled abroad. But this man is made of different mettle. He chose to come back and serve. In fact, Dr Tanveer who was being sought after from different corners of the globe, gave up his US citizenship, his Green Card to come back to India and serve the elderly and people here.

Even though after coming back to India Dr Tanveer started working with a big hospital chain, but because of restriction and protocols, he wasn't being able to give them the personal care he wanted.

So he founded EVA hospital, where he stayrted looking after his patients personally and also provide them relief. Out of sheer empathy, he let's his patients pay the cost in 15 installments and that too interest free.

Unlike any other doctor at any hospital, Dr Tanveer extends personal care to his patients — right from the day they come to meet him till the very moment they get discharged. Unlike other hospitals, where high profile doctors touch patients during main part of the surgery, Dr Tanveer remains by this patient's side from thr beginning. He understands that patients don't just need physical care, but emotional care too. He carries out the surgery himself and takes care of the elderly patients, like his own parents. To him nothing equals the satisfaction and happiness to freeing his patients from pain and to give them the youth-like freedom to move all over again.

Thanks to his passion to help, he has carried out more than 5000 joint replacement surgeries within about 8 years.

Nothing gives him more satisfaction than giving the elderly their ability to move around and bring smiles back on their face. It is his passion to help, seeing the smiling faces of the elderly, and earning their blessings, that he continues to radiate selfless affection and care, unlike any other doctor CONTACT ME Dr. Tanveer Bhutani 40, Pakhowal Rd, New Lajpat Nagar, Model Gram, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001


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