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We tend to be focused on the academic aspects, but we often overlook the vital life skills that every young adult needs.

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We tend to be focused on the academic aspects, but we often overlook the vital life skills that every young adult needs. These are the life skills that every student needs before they can start college or live independently.


Although problem-solving skills are more abstract and less concrete than other skills, they can still be extremely important.

Young people need to learn how to face problems and find solutions on their own. We all know how difficult it can be to balance daily life with studying. It is common to use college homework assistance like My Paper Writer or other subjects in order to make life easier for students.

Your teen must learn to assess the options and choose the right one.

How to Change a Tire

Everybody should be able to change a tire. Flat tires can be fixed quickly and efficiently. Each student should be able to pull their car to a safe place and then secure it.

Then, they should turn on the hazard light and remove the lug nuts. Finally, lift the vehicle using a jack. Next, start the actual tire-changing process.

Teenagers should be able to drive safely and live independently before they can start driving. They should be able to buy a car, get insurance, register a vehicle and keep an auto-related file.

Young people should learn how to change oil and pump gas. They should also know when to bring their vehicle in for service.


Unfortunately, schools do not teach money management or budgeting skills. This is where parents must support their children. Good money management is essential, no matter how much you have. Teens can learn financial discipline in their teens and apply them throughout their lives.

Students and teens can learn budgeting skills to understand where their money is going, and what its value is. Your teenager can be helped to choose the right budgeting app.

Students in college need to be able to manage their money. These skills include the ability to open a bank account, manage credit cards and save money for emergencies. College students need to be able to maintain basic financial records.

Food and Nutrition

College students won't have many chances to cook during their freshman year. They should be able to prepare basic nutrition and cook.

Young people must be able to shop for groceries, manage a budget, prepare basic meals and store food properly. Even if they are dining in a cafeteria, college students need to be able to cook healthy meals.


Before going to college, everyone should be able to maintain a tidy and clean home. These skills will prove useful for their entire lives.

Regular garbage collection should be performed. Vacuuming and dusting should be done at least once per week. Toilets and bathrooms should also be cleaned.

Laundry skills are another important skill. Many college students will be responsible for their laundry first time. They will need to learn how it is done.

You can also manage utilities and pay bills.

Personal Healthcare

You might be able to provide healthcare services for your teen through an on-campus provider. They should be able to plan their appointments and know what to do in case of an emergency.

Talk to your student about their health insurance coverage. Consider what your student might need to pay out of pocket. It doesn't matter what age you are or your current situation, basic first aid skills are essential.


College is often the first opportunity for young people to experience independence. There are so many things to do, and no one will be there to help you.

Learn how to drive safely alone as a teenager and avoid dangerous situations. You can also check review for other home chores. Encourage them to share their plans with someone.


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