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How to conduct a survey in a email letter?

Date:   3/20/2021 3:01:40 PM ( 10 mon ago)

How to conduct a survey in a email letter?

Getting feedback from your subscriber is a cool way for a marketer to adjust their strategy. And also analyze whether the company meets the needs of its target audience.

The best way to get feedback in email marketing is to create a survey form directly in your mailing list and send it to your customer base. Online polls make it possible not to wander like a hedgehog in a fog, but to clearly find out for yourself what the subscriber wants and how he is in relation to what you are doing. Also you can buy email votes.

Why use polls in email?

By conducting interactive email newsletters, each company pursues its own goals. Typically, letter polls are used to:

Determining the quality of service
Getting customer feedback
An example of a survey in a letter
Pre-launch poll for a new product
Survey to clarify user interests
Poll to create statistics
Augmenting a customer profile with a survey
Survey to identify the usefulness of emails

How to correctly ask a subscriber to answer questions

The reasons why marketers should use surveys in email newsletters are more or less clear. But what about the fact that subscribers simply do not want to waste time answering dozens of questions in emails from dozens of companies? Below we have collected a few ideas on how to skillfully ask a subscriber to answer questions and get the desired answers.

Be polite

It's no secret that people love being polite to themselves. This means that by showing politeness and courtesy to them and to their time, you can count on a quality response. This approach was taken as a basis by marketers Kate Spade Saturday. In their letter, they use the formal expression "Can we ask you something?" and magnets like “fast”, “hurry up” and “25% off”. All of this, together with the appropriate cute emoji, works in the sender's favor and increases the chances that the subscriber will pay attention to the survey.

Be a good listener

In their emails, Shopify uses a quick survey to ask sellers for their opinion on what needs to be improved in the service. At the same time, Shopify acts as a “listener” in the letter, who is ready to listen carefully to the subscriber, his requests and suggestions. This effect is enhanced by the drawing of a valuable prize among the survey participants - an $ 800 voucher from Apple.



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