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The people, entwined with the global web, began to communicate less in real life.

Date:   12/10/2020 8:02:30 PM ( 13 mon ago)

The people, entwined with the global web, began to communicate less in real life.

Of course, the classic methods of dating, on the streets, in shops, at work, in the subway, remain very relevant now. The worldwide network is another matter. Consider the pros and cons of online dating.

On popular dating sites, it is always possible to post a profile. Where in black and white you can describe all the points of your personality. Height, weight, your favorite directions in cooking, character, as well as wishes for the candidate.

Undoubtedly, online dating is an important stage in life for many. Especially for those who have just encountered such a function of the global network and are bathed in euphoria. But, you need to know the pros and cons of these sites.


1. No need to worry about your appearance when you meet.

2. No need to respond instantly, the ability to think well before speaking.

3. A large circle of communication, albeit non-verbal, creates a certain experience, gives new knowledge. In principle, it is so broad that you can find out a lot of other people's opinions that differ from yours.

4. No obligations to the interlocutor. This is especially important for introverts who really want to share something, express an idea somewhere or complain. People who are nearby do not suit them as interlocutors, and they require a lot of attention to themselves.

5. You can just write someone a message on social networks , and then just as well just leave online. Of course, some are offended by such actions, but these people are not real in the plane in which you are, therefore its not scary. Accordingly, such interlocutors act as psychological support.

6. Such communication can develop into real friendship or love. And although this kind of communication is a little strange and is not intended for love. However, there are people who have not seen each other for years, but saw each other and literally immediately began to live together. Or they just decided to live in one city so as not to talk about what is happening at a distance.

7. You can express your opinion about a person whom the interlocutor will never recognize. This is great for relieving stress, especially if this person has offended something.

8. No need to spend money on flowers, sweets, restaurants.

9. Online dating gives a person the opportunity to save a large amount of time, which we lack so much due to various circumstances.


  1. Fictitious anonymity. It is impossible to guess who exactly is sitting on the other side of the screen, whether this is the person who he pretends to be. At the same time, it is quite easy to figure out you, especially if the information on the page is real.
  2.  It is likely that instead of a pleasant acquaintance behind the guise of an attractive person, there may be a maniac, a dishonest person, a swindler and anyone else. Therefore, you need to choose a social circle even here.
  3. Not everyone on the internet will support your interests. Often people do not understand each other and do not want to understand, which is why unpleasant situations arise. But you can get used to this, or you can avoid it, carefully examining the page of a potential interlocutor for points of contact.
  4.  Online dating is carried out quite quickly. But with the simplicity of the dating process, do not forget about that. that excessive saturation dissolves a person a little. He becomes amorphous, he is not interested already with one partner and wants to move on to another.
  5. You may not live up to each other's expectations after meeting. People who are used to communicating on the Internet are often not as interesting in life as they are on the Internet.

Having weighed the pros and cons of dating on the Internet, the question arises: is it necessary to get acquainted? Answer: Of course, yes!


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