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HYIP projects are divided into 3 main types, depending on the percentage of profit

Date:   12/10/2020 11:50:39 AM ( 17 mon ago)

HYIP projects are divided into 3 main types, depending on the percentage of profit.


They are also called Fasts (Fast - translated from English fast) as you can find on https://www.hyip.biz/. Why are they called fast? First, because there are high interest rates that promise get rich quick. And secondly, for the quick closure of such projects. Providing high returns requires a high investment flow, but as a rule, most people prefer to make a profit and no longer have money. And accordingly, finance ends very quickly and, as a result, the project curtains its activities.

Marketing of such projects is quite attractive and plays on people's greed by promising a high percentage of income. But, in order to get a high percentage of income, for example, 130% of the profit (of which 100% is your contribution), you need to invest a fairly large amount of money. In other cases, the profit will be from 3% per day. And the higher the percentage of profit is promised, the faster the project closes. Personally, I don't like such projects at all and I don't participate in them.

Also, these projects are famous for their low-quality level of elaboration of sites and marketing plans. The purpose of such a project in simple words: - to snatch a little. It can be compared to a petty crook who squeezes phones from schoolchildren.

Middle interest

They are also called middle peasants. They received such a nickname for lower percentages compared to Fasts, as well as for tariff plans calculated from a week or more. Percentages of profit in such projects are usually displayed once a week, although they exist with daily withdrawals. The amount of profit is often at the level of 30% per month.

The quality of elaboration of such projects is quite high. Here you can find protection against Ddos attacks and high-quality hosting. Since such projects are aimed at continuous work. Perhaps even with work on the ground with the opening of offices.

People have much higher confidence in such projects, but do not flatter yourself, because HYIP remains HYIP. It is the middle peasants who are the most popular HYIPs.

Low interest

They are also called centenarians. This is because such projects have a fairly low percentage of profit. For example 10-15% per month, that is, from 120-180% per year of which (100% is your contribution). Yes, this is certainly several times higher than in banks, but for the HYIP industry this is negligible. Tariff plans in such long-livers are usually from one month or more. Such projects have been working for a long time. They are most popular in Western countries.

What is Scam / SCAM

The literal translation of the word SCAM from English means fraud. In relation to a HYIP project, this term means the closure or end of the project. As I wrote earlier, any project is closed sooner or later. Usually, the closure occurs due to a decrease in the inflow of investments, but if the administrator turns out to be greedy, then in the midst of the inflow he takes money and it happens like that. At this time, a bunch of bad words are poured onto him, perhaps someone is cursing. At these moments it seems to me as an administrator, hung with amulets, flying to the sea, hiccuping all the way.

In any case, the closure is an unpleasant moment both for a person who has already made a good profit, and for someone who has just contributed money to the project. This is a loss for both. For one, the loss of hope for the stability of work, and for the other, the loss of finances, without having received a profit.


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