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Learn to control your life thru a planned system. *** Partly based upon the post - " Ultimate, Memory Magic " by Jim Karol. Improve your memory, sharpen your mind, and change your life—at any age! As we age, our memories become unreliable; we misplace things and forget details. In Ultimate Memory Magic, memory expert Jim Karol shows that these side effects of aging are not inevitable. ... Google Books Originally published: September 24, 2019 Authors: Jim Karol, Michael Ross Genre: Self-help book

Date:   12/3/2020 1:59:29 AM ( 88 d ago)

We each have a God given intelligence, with which to determine the course of our life! Unfortunately most people are absorbed or dulled by this " Free Will " then fail to make use of it's power!

There is plenty of opportunity if and when you get past your lack luster state of mind! If possible get hold of a copy to help bolster your mental capability!

All you have to lose is a little time and then if used properly - help to make a vast improvement in your existence!

Only a fool would say there is not an Almighty God!


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