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Whatever coronavirus is, or is not, here are 12 proactive things you can do to fortify your immunity.

Date:   3/14/2020 7:11:57 PM ( 13 mon ago)

Whatever Coronavirus Is, or Isn’t, Here Are 12 Proactive Things You Can Do to Fortify Your Immunity

Sol Luckman

Facebook followers of mine who actually read my posts—those that aren’t fascistically shadow-banned by overzealous “fact checkers” anyway—know that I’ve been highly skeptical about many, even most, of the claims made by fearmongering talking heads, politicians and bureaucrats about the new scarily named coronavirus, COVID-19.

Shamefully, even many respected alternative news sites—such as Zero Hedge, which I’m henceforth boycotting for its unconscionable clickbaitery—have contributed to the pandemic panic with article after article of sheer fear p 0 r n. A lot of this material attempts to paint COVID-19 as a deliberately engineered bioweapon. To which I say: if it was made in a lab, whoever made it did a piss-poor job of making it actually very deadly.

For a situation that, going purely by the numbers, despite clever attempts to skew them, is nowhere near as dangerous as the yearly flu that kills tens of thousands, it’s abundantly clear to anyone with half a brain still in use that a massive psy-op is underway.

Various dark agendas for the unprecedented scare tactics have been proposed. Judging by the swine flu vaccine that caused permanent brain damage, there’s probably some truth to the idea that the controllers desire to herd the sheeple into getting the coronavirus jab once it’s available. Then, and only then, will we have a real major catastrophe on our hands—which means more control for the controllers and more profit for the medical mafia.



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