Burst of Creativity by lfire .....

Very engaged this month with making more art and writing poetry

Date:   2/28/2020 7:19:40 AM ( 17 mon ago)

Collage 01 by LFIRE(c)2020

Collage 02 by LFIRE(c)2020

Collage 03 by LFIRE(c)2020


In our ignorance
we decide
that it is not necessary
to understand...
it is enough to adore.
Adore what?
Seems that anything will do.
Even if we invent a God,
like something from technology,
inventing money, power and more,
it is still a made-up god.
We place those in power
instead of those who are wise and just.
Who would that be?
Someone who has no personal interest.
No wonder there is none to be found!

visions, visions, and more visions,
flashing inside my head,
playing like a movie.
Wondering why they keep showing up.
the drum plays,
beating, beating,
singing the unsung songs,
playing, playing in my head.
the past lives again and again,
decades, and decades a spectator
I let them flash past...
I am not here, or there, or anywhere,
I am everywhere.

The sky is falling
Riding on my winged horse,
flying, flying,
flying into the Cosmic Heart.
Rough winds blow,
riding over the rainbow
wandering, wondering.
Running around like
Chicken Little, yelling,
the sky is falling, the sky is falling,
the sky is falling!
The earth seems like a misshapen
balloon that is deflating,
faster and faster..
Everyone is crying and crying
The house is on fire!
the house is on fire,
and the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

This month has been a long continuation of more work
on my art project "Shadow".
The end is getting closer in sight!

As you can see, these are a few of the poems I wrote this month.
I decided to make a handmade book for the poems
I write this year, and art that I make,
and at the end of the year I will see
if anyone wants a copy.
(Lots of work and expense.)

The biggest news is that suddenly we have
a HUGE influx of ROBINS!
They never came here in other years and I wonder
if the climate change has brought them.
Anyway, there were at least 50 of them around the
big drinking pan we set out for the wild animals.
And more kept coming!
The water was gone in only a few hours.
We have filled it up several times a day since then.
My goodness....their songs are amazing!

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