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A journey living with parasites past and present.

Date:   4/22/2019 7:42:04 PM ( 3 y ago)

Starting this blog already 3months into my clense. I will be updating daily with new information on how this is going as I have 3 months past pictures and videos of this journey through complete hell. However itís not over yet and since this is my first clense at 37 years old I must have been and still must be toxic. This will be a journey thru total hell where in the past 3 months doctors and specialists continue to laugh at me and turn a blind eye to my symptoms and evidence. We will journey from start to this point thru my clense included is video and pictures of my life up to this point. I hope this helps all of us in some way. As I feel we are being Eaten alive and no one seems to care. This is my Hell.


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