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Service: The action of helping or doing work for someone.

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How can you serve?

Most people tend to think of submission and serving as demanding and dreadful things in life! Yet if one were to completely understand what being of service to others really means - it would open an entirely new and important phase in our life! But how?

Our perceptions in life are often misguided and even wrong. Mainly because people in general have a lousy understanding as to what service truly entails. History has many stories of people being in service to others. Many times it is either required by mankind's laws or else it is the result of some personal actions. Most of the time such service is the result of forced work or demand factors. This is the common misconception of this function today!

What are the different types of service?

Generally, there are three main ways service can be done!

1) The first one in required either by laws or else social pressure. It is usually the type of service is best known.

2) Then there is a great many other examples of service which tend to dominate the public thoughts and actions. These are found in much of what we see in movies and read about in books - generally some form of an urgent pressing action which takes time and often causing pain!

3) Last and most important is the selfless forms of person assistance or help done at no gain for the doer! These are generally found in unwritten stories, and unrecognized events yet one of the most essential methods to induce faith in the Love of Service at no personal gain!

Let's look at the other types of service! This is the part that we want to examine in more detail. What kind of service?

Service: serv∑ice/ˈsərvəs/


noun: service

1.The action of helping or doing work for someone.

an act of assistance, good turn, favor, kindness, helping hand; support, help, or aid,

Applications of Service:

Most types of service are the direct one on one application of some form of assistance. Since pay or glory nor recognition is required relationships would become perfected and tend to create good will and Love for one another! Real honest selfless service in the form of pure love or assistance will permeate thru honest free service!


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