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Grain by Grain A wonderful book by Bob Quinn and Liz Carlisle

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Grain by Grain gives one farmer’s view of the history of Organics in America. A wonderful refreshing read with never a dull moment describes the perilous path that lead to the Organic Stsndards told in Bob Quinn’s straightforward voice and his gems of observation.

Liz Carlisle, CO-author calls bob an unsung American hero,

She writes. “ cv

He didn’t always know what organic was. It dawned on him gradually..

He had to look all over his state.

P 52 the O word.

He served on the usda ah board. He has.

We plant what you buy.
20 acre experiment in the corner of his pardnt’s Field.

His main customers are in Europe
P 79.

The grain was helping people who had difficulty eating.

Story of Laura.,,
P 80

Ancient wheat recovery


Health results...

Protecting The land itself.


Legally binding guarantee

Last chapter.
Sir Albert Howard,,,

Biodiversity lesson
Ah success


Collosal misunderstanding. .,,

Value quote

This is a snippet from Bob Quinn Organic Farmer on tour with his new book #GrainByGrain. Recorded March 27, 2019 at Patagonia Cardiff by the Sea.

Bob says here that as we are each participating in an agricultural act when we support organic farmers.

His book tells the story of his transition from chemical farming to becoming one of the most successful growers of ancient wheat.

Bob is a myth buster. His belief in the health giving value of organically grown Khorasan wheat, branded with the high standards Kamut label, began when friends and customers with wheat sensitivities reported getting benefit from this ancient grain.

My journey, getting to know Bob and his enchanted wheat began in 2010. This wheat—that I call “Plant Your Dream Seeds” is part of a #WinningBackOurSacredSeeds starter Kit produced by Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.

Thanks to Patagonia Provisions Sausalito for sponsoring a four city #GrainByGrain tour. We sampled delightful products—including open faced wedges of their sockeye salmon on KAMUT international bread at our gathering.

Check out the line of easy to prepare products featuring Kamut.

I met Eric Eaton, director of sales of Patagonia Provisions a few weeks ago at #expowest.

Bob has been a regular presenter at the The National Heirloom Exposition the last four years. My #SeedDream is to have the Patagonia Provisions team participate in this year’s #heirloomexpo, September 10-11-12, 2019 in Santa Rosa.

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