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** An Abstract Object Don't Bear The Values **

Date:   3/29/2019 2:56:49 AM ( 87 d ago)

How God Is Good!

All Moral values must be grounded in truth! Values must be either good or not, but never both!

What We Can Know in life is Objective Moral Values And Duties which are Grounded In A Personal Source!

One Of The Very Simple Ways To Know How Moral Values And Duties Are Grounded is to seek a or the Necessary Source, which is The Existence Of The Complete Moral Ideal - or The Concept Of What Is Perfect or proper!
I.E. It must be to make it so because there has to be a source to make it so!

It Makes Human Sense When We Say A Person Is Morally Good, But It's Logically Incoherent To Say Moral Goodness Exist By Itself As An Impersonal Abstraction.

An Abstract Object Does not Bear real Values; because An Impersonal Abstract Object Isn't Just Or Merciful Or Loving!

Take Loyalty For Example!
If Loyalty Is Good And If It Exist Just of Itself As An Abstract Object; then How Is it Good Because Loyalty Isn't Loyal to Itself, Kindness Isn't Kind of Itself.
It's Not Loyal Or Kind To Anybody!
Moral Goodness or lack of Morals; Seem Only To Be The Properties Of Agents {independent persons or beings} not nonexistence entities!

So It's Far More Rational That Moral Values And Duties Are The Properties Of Agents Not Mere Abstraction! If This Is The Case And There Are Objective Moral Values And Duties It's Simply Reasons, That The Moral Ideal Is brought forth thru A Necessary Agent.

That Is The Moral Ideal; Because Moral Goodness Is Grounded In God Just As Your Personality Is Grounded In You, God's Will comes Because He Is Good, Godís Will Isn't Arbitrary - It's An Necessary Expression Of God's Nature and His Essential Attribute !!!


Without the originator of an idea or thought there would not be any such thing! Therefore it is not possible for some strange thought or idea springing forth into existence from a nonexistent state or being! Not possible!

There has to be some form of origination!
Nothing comes from Nothing - because there was nothing there, to begin with!
The origin of an idea or thought has to originate with a being or agent!


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