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Boiron to the Rescue!

Date:   3/21/2019 6:14:26 PM ( 22 mon ago)

Josue Tabares Marinelli had a serious neck injury in the Winter of 2018. He underwent a surgery. When I saw Circus Vargas in the Fall of 2018, he was performing again. The performers at Circus Vargas are star athletes, with the capacity to recover quickly from injuries. I feel the Boirin products I mention here can quicken recovery even faster.

He mentioned he still had some arm pain when I saw him on March 2019I
around the time of our Organic Day at Circus Vargas.

I had picked up Arnicare from BOIRON USA at the Natural Products Expo West and gave it to him.

Other products I recommend for Circus Vargas, the traveling California show under the Big Top would include Arnica Montana 30 c, which you can purchase over the counter at Whole Foods Market. It is one of the go-to remedies I use for pain or stiffness.

I also use Oscillo frequently to prevent flu or shorten the time that I have flu.

Both Adrienne Prince and I had flu symptoms the week before Expo West was to happen, March 4-9. I questioned if we were going to be able to go! I felt like I lost a week I could have been promoting Organic Day at Circus Vargas, which was scheduled two days following #expowest.

Janick Boudazin, CEO of Boirin with me. I have enjoyed meeting him and planting dreams at #expowest, March 5-9, 2019.

I believe the Oscillo helped prevent us from giving each other a reoccurrence of the flu.

There was great support for our leading edge Circus Vargas event at #expowest.

March 21, 2019
11:15 am


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