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Keys to my Success!

Date:   2/14/2019 8:14:36 PM ( 23 mon ago)

“The time has come for Angels to be visible as Children dancing.”
—Leslie Goldman

You are Stars in my Universe, and I honor you as a #SacredSeed born on Purpose with Purpose.

Valentine’s Day

Story with the picture:

Tom Daly
one of my best friends, hosted
Adrienne Prince
and i in his lovely Chico home when I had it in my head that I wanted to reunite with my friends at @ Circus Vargas a few days after #heirloomexpo 2018, The National Heirloom Exposition. This Circus travels up and down the California coast. I am still figuring out why this show touches me so deeply. Please read my story online in The Life Connection Magazine Feb issue.

September 14, 2018, the day following the #HeirloomExpo, we got word unexpectedly that my 68 VW on a mission ( The Enchanted Garden Mobile's Journey To Win Back Our Sacred Seeds) was going to need a new engine after valiantly fulfilling her promise to drive us from San Diego to the Heirloom @The 8th National Heirloom Expo in San Rosa, CA. September 11,12,13, 2018.

What could we do to keep going? We were hundreds of miles from our San Diego home and car less? We were in Santa Rosa.

Things got worse!
We got a Lyft
to Enterprise
but it turned out they would not rent to us! I had no active credit card—a pre-requisite for them to loan us a rental. Further, Adrienne’s license was about to expire on her birthday., two days away, Sept 16.
She did not qualify to drive!

The EG Mobile was my only vehicle I could physically drive due to my physical mobility issues.

It was 3 pm on a Friday. We were stuck. I had my mind set on leaving to see Tom hundreds of miles away!

We needed Angel help, and needed it Now!

That very moment Lisa O'Leary,
one of my main anchors at
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, organizers of the Heirloom Expo’s Pure Food Fair called me while we were sitting in Enterprise.

Lisa heard my predicament.
She said she would call me back.
She did. She put the rental on the Baker Creek Corporate account.

What to do about Adrienne’s near expired license? In San Diego, it can take about a 10 hour wait to renew a driver’s license!

For the life of me, I could not drive the vehicle they loaned us.

The clock was ticking.

I called my friend Hans at @J & W Vw repair. He advised us to drive to Petaluma, about 45 minutes away to their DMV, rather than go to to Santa Rosa office.

We got there 15 minutes before the DMV closed on a Friday afternoon in Petaluma.

We simply had to renew Adrienne’s license if we were to keep going.

There were no lines at the DMV.
Adrienne renewed her license and we were out by 4:59 pm, a minute before the DMV closed.

I also had in mind to deposit the money we had raised at the Expo to support the School Garden Nerwork in the Petaluma Expo account. We accomplished this!

Not sure where we slept that Friday night, but we were off early the next morning to Chico.

Later that afternoon, of the 15th, we drove into Circus Vargas and the following day, Adrienne’s birthday, Tom, Adrienne and I went out to lunch and then we went “circusing.”

I am so glad Adrienne and I got through 2018. We were about six months without the EG Mobile due to my rear end collision March 29, six months of rentals and vehicle expenses close to $22,000, some still outstanding.

In 2018, we also spent 12 days in the hospital while I went through a broken back surgery, and then, then, this was on top of my natural Cancer Cure Journey. Bouts of Hematuria, and sleepless nights of pain from Ankle hurt from intense nerve Neuropathy were also part of my 2018 journey.

So here we are on Valentine’s Day sharing Love with you!

What are the secrets to my success?

It is by Grace and constant desire to serve my mission and purpose that I live beyond pain.

I take on seemingly impossible tasks that are bigger than any #Disease. I feel valued by friends and Nature.

I share Kindness as often as possible.

I have set out to make our world more beautiful than i found it at my birth.

During those times in my life, when i am blessed with a partner to love, I do my best to accept the gift of companionship, and when I am in those uncomfortable grief times, I generally write books to process my feeling of unmet wants and needs. I do my best to self care, and know I could do better.

Most of all, I accept that planting my dreams and the dreams of others, gives my life meaning, a meaning beyond my human personality flaws.

Sending you Love today.

The Earth is looking to you to help Co-create our world as an Enchanted Garden.

Valentine’s Day 2019
11:16 am


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