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Planting Dreams for Chicken Soup for the Soul. 2019 began with making a livestream where I recall the ritual work I did for the success of the famous book series before it became a landmark in publishing history. Here is more of the back story.

Date:   1/3/2019 4:20:50 PM ( 24 mon ago)

Happy New Year! What’s your Seed Dream? I’m here with Adrienne Prince and we wanna tend those New Year dreams with you!

Working on this post that will include our 2018 highlights and 2019 dreams and a PayPal to receive support for our 2019 #PlantYourDreamBlog Campaigns.

A new website where we will feature Members is on the horizon.

In this first live stream of the year, made January 1, 2019, I am looking back to 1994.

Over the years, I have planted many intentions with seeds and ceremony work. The ceremony work I did for the success the first #chickensoupforthesoul book comes to mind as we Plant Your dreams and our own now for 2019.

I had already known both Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield from earlier days long before #chickensoupfortheesoul and experienced the generosity of both.

Jack was a friend of statesman John Vasconcellos, a close friend and support. Jack was a key figure in the movement that brought the Self Esteem movement into the political arena. I was friends with Georgia Noble, his wife at the time.
Mark was a friend of Terry Cole Whitaker, a popular minister in San Diego. I heard them both speak numbers of times and interacted with them. I believe it was before their meteoric success that Mark invited me to be his photographer at a re-marriage ceremony at his home. His daughters were kids.

By 1994, they had passed through a phase of 114 rejections for the first “helping” of what would become a series of books that took the nation by storm. The message for all of us is don’t give up on your dreams.

The way I became his personal photography at an ABA event was also magical. I tell part of that story in the livestream and here on this #plantYourDreamblog.

Over the years, Mark sent me a number of handwritten postcards.

I want to fulfill these blessings in 2019 from old friend Mark Victor Hansen:

As we enter a new phase of inviting #EnchantedGardenClub members in 2019, I am remembering the ritual work I did the day following the coming out party at ABA.

“My Enchanted Friend,
Heartfelt thanks for another ‘Enchanted Plant. I love & bless It and you! It graces my desk beautifully.
“I deeply appreciate you ‘seeding our dream’ to sell millions. I wish the same for you.”
In friendship, Mark Victor Hansen

“I hope your touching writings find a ravin’ group of ever-lovin’ fans. I appreciate you.” —Mark
“p.s. I’d love to endorse your book.”

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