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Toenail Fungus - What Causes Toenail Fungus

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Toe nail fungus remedies can be found in many different solutions, textures, and shapes. Organic Fungus Myco Nuker in general though there are three different types of toe nail fungus remedies that are commonly used in the marketplace today.

Topical Remedies

These are by far the most commonly used types of toe nail fungus remedies. They are often either applied on top of the foot or in the form of foot soaks. You will find a nice selection of home made remedies for the treatment of unsightly toe nail fungus as well as quite a nice assortment of over the counter and prescription topical treatments.

It is important to note that there is no one size fits all remedy that cures toenail fungus for everyone that finds themselves a victim. Some treatments work beautifully for one person and not at all for the next. The same holds true when it comes to timetables. Some toe nail fungus remedies work much more quickly than others (and more quickly for some people than others). The trick always seems to be finding the right treatment at the right time to treat your toe nail fungus problems quickly.

Oral Remedies

These are most often found in prescription form and can work quite quickly when the do work. The problem with many of the prescription oral toe nail fungus remedies is that they are quite harsh and take a toll on the internal organs. You should be wary before even approaching your doctor for oral remedies as the treatment, in this instance, may very well be worse than the disease.

For this reason oral treatments are typically reserved for more severe and persistent cases. You can avoid the need by treating symptoms of toe nail fungus as soon as they appear, avoiding areas where you are likely to have been exposed to the fungus, and avoid making the problem worse by attempting to cover it up with nail polish or artificial nails.

There is one homeopathic oral remedy for toe nail fungus that can either be consumed as a tea or used as a foot soak. It isn't strictly an oral remedy but it can be used as one and so bears mentioning - it is Pau d'Arco.

Surgical Remedies

Surgery is generally viewed as a last resort as there is no such thing as a safe surgery. When it comes to toe nail fungus remedies, surgery is set aside for those cases that prove particularly virulent and ward against all other treatment options or those cases where help wasn't sought until the problem became too serious to be repaired through traditional toe nail fungus remedies.

Prevention is the best cure for for toe nail fungus and you should always take steps to guard against the possibility of infection. This will include things like avoiding tight shoes, wearing socks that wick moisture, avoiding walking in moist warm areas, and pay meticulous attention to hygiene in and around your feet. You will learn that avoiding contamination is better than any toe nail fungus remedies on the market.


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