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“You can trace every sickness, every ailment to a mineral and trace mineral deficiency.” —Dr. Linus Pauling

Date:   10/15/2018 2:51:18 PM ( 27 mon ago)


Robert Cain carries forward the groundbreaking work of Dr Maynard Murray MD in the area of Sea Energy Agriculture and human health. The Baja Gold salt Solution has a greater balance of minerals then Himalayan Sea salt.


Baja Gold concentrated ionic trace mineral solution was a great find at the The National Heirloom Exposition 2018. I feel the salt has an upper hand over Himalayan sea salt as far as mineral balance.

I feel a boost from the balance of electrical energy that passes through me when I take it. Many friends have been commenting on my healthier demeanor of late.
I believe this Baja Sole is a contributing factor.

“You can trace every sickness, every ailment to a mineral and trace mineral deficiency.” —Dr. Linus Pauling

There are also products in this line for improving plant growth based on the research of Dr Maynard Murray MD’s work.

Robert Cain, ##EnchantedGardenClub sponsor,is carrying forward that work.
I plan to experiment with this use.

About Dr Maynard Murray’s work:

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October 15, 2018


“Leslie Goldman, thank you for your gentle compassion, authentic kindness and original style! I feel blessed to know you and grateful for all the dreams you have helped to plant. May they grow abundant and free.” — Caleb Gordon
The Convergence
Solar Living Center.

“Thank you so much for showing me and inspiring me to be the best version of myself every day! I appreciated the planting activity as it showed me how quickly my dreams can grow. I will cherish this moment forever. Thank you again for the seeds and opening my mind up to an abundant future.❤️”
— LS, 16 years old, Alexander Hamilton High School, Oct 8, 2018

Liz Lipski
author of “Digestive Wellness” wrote this:

"Someone once told me that dreams were for children. Aren't we all children? Leslie's work connects people to envision fully, to embrace what's possible, and to walk forward in hope.

He is inspiring and brings us back to what's essential, and what is uniquely essential.

I would love to see him working in hospitals, schools and widely to plant seed of hope and dreams like Johnny Appleseed."

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