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Day 11

Date:   10/4/2018 12:23:53 AM ( 5 y ago)

So this is the end of day 11. I feel great today. I am not hungry at all. I am noticeably smaller and can move so much quicker and without back pain!! This is amazing. I guess I should have measured myself. Maybe I will add that in tomorrow to see inches come off.

I have a white tongue but my mouth feels fresh and fine. My skin is clear and overall I feel great!

I am so happy this fast is going so well. I am menstruating normally too so I am not going to weigh myself as I do know I will be on a plateau. These plateaus are very normal. Its important not to get discouraged.

So I do know that the cleansing stage I am in, is the important reduction in insulin levels in the body and cellular cleansing. So all those fat cells are being re-set so that the body will not try to pack the weight back on.

When you are heavy your body gets used to the weight and tries to get you back to that as it believes that is normal for you. Fasting makes the body accept a new weight as normal by cleaning.

This is important if you want to keep it off to reach this stage of the fast. I am happy I am here.


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