Day 10 by SunsetDreamer .....

Day 10

Date:   10/2/2018 6:43:01 AM ( 5 y ago)

Today i am up and feeling fine. i feel a bit weak but i drank lots of water and am having a coffee now. my energy is not a lot but it is good. my tongue is white again so perhaps i am on my second set of cleanses for this fast. my lungs are feeling good with no cold symptoms anymore. my knee is sore where i hurt it last year which could mean i am in the tissue cleanse part of the fast. this is a good time to stick to it and rid myself of all those extra useless cells. research suggests that this cellular cleanse rids the body of irregular cells that potentially lead to cancer. so this is an important phase of the fast.

its a bit harder today as my brain wants the comfort of food but i am actually not hungry so i am going to stay busy today.

my weight has stayed the same today at 310 but this is not a surprise because i am menstruating. until i am done, my body wont show me an actual real weight anyway. and i am also on a plateau probably since i am due for one.

the weight will keep coming off even though the scale is not showing it.

people say fasting stops menstruation but i am on time. ill keep monitoring it to see if there is any change at all. so far there is no change to my cycle.

ok have a good day


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