Memorizing Rudyard Kipling... A Worthy Endeavour by ren .....

A worthy memory project to help me remember the fallen

Date:   6/13/2018 9:58:14 AM ( 3 y ago)

I found a beautiful poem that I will memorize as a tribute to the world's war dead. Why remember ALL the war dead because ALL fought for the good of their country.

So here we go!... Epitaphs of War

“equality of sacrifice”

A. “I was a Have.” B. “I was a ‘have-not.’”
(Together). “What hast thou given which I gave not?”

a servant

We were together since the War began.
He was my servant—and the better man.

a son

My son was killed while laughing at some jest. I would I knew
What it was, and it might serve me in a time when jests are few.


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