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This Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog was compiled on The first day of the Memorial Day Weekend 2018. This will go into a New book A History of Peace on Earth, Leslie Goldman Legacy Writings, edited by Adrienne Prince. On the day we began this chronology a flower, that blooms once a year for a short time, bloomed.

Date:   5/27/2018 10:43:59 AM ( 32 mon ago)

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Editors note (Adrienne): I was curious as to what events and friendships were going on with Leslie as he wrote these poems, so since he had put dates on most of these as journal entries, we started a timeline to see exactly was written when. I’m looking forward to the prospect of interlacing the historical and personsl influences with the poems that they inspired! 5/27/18


Born Nov. 19, 1947

1972 Arrived at Dr. Bernard Jensen Hidddn Valley Health Ranch. Graduated from college.

January 1980 – Loving Together poems and journal entries
January Into this world blinded
January 15, 1980 I have made every effort to be in balance

May 29, 1981 I Have This Vision (RF p.69) **

1983 – Compilation: Revisiting the Enchanted Garden (2nd or 3rd book of poems and journal writings)
Poems were written from 1980 – 1982.
October, 1980 Sacred Child (REG)
October 23, 1980 World Peace and Chicken Bones (REG)
April 22, 1981 Sweetness of Life Fully Lived – Dr. Jensen's gardens, Escondido, CA (REG)
May 29, 1981 Rocks (REG)
June 22, 1981 Pain in Paradise (REG)
August 1981 Artificial Suckers (REG)
October 7, 1981 Worms (REG)
March 12, 1982 Morning Message (REG)

October 25, 1983 Messiah at the Gate (RF p.70)**
February 29, 1984 The Emperor of Trash (RF p. 71)**
July 1, 1984 Recalling the Three Little Pigs (RF p.58)

1985 – Compilation: Rekindling of Faith
November 26, 1984 – Introduction (by Paul Brenner?)
>>November 18, 2006 - Preface to the Third Edition: World Peace Breaks Out!<<
January, 1985 This is the Winter of Winters (Mom Poem) (RF p.5)
January 15, 1985 Canon de Guadaloupe (RF p.1)
January 18, 1985 Cookie Love (RF p. 9)
February 8, 1985 Mr. Mulberry Tree (RF p.27)
February 10, 1985 I mourn the loss of the belly I had (RF p.13)
Feb 11, 1985 Yesterday's Dream (RF p. 28)**
Feb 12, 1985 Cocoanut Pie (RF P. 14)
Feb 14, 1985 I want to make some new choices (RF p. 29)
Feb 14, 1985 Father Poem (RF p. 30)
Feb 20, 1985 I want to move freely (RF p.25)
Winter, 1985 There was once a day I knew I would never die (RF p.11)
Winter, 1985 In Memoriam to All the Mothers I Have Known (RF p.17)
Winter, 1985 Phantoms of frozen images (RF p. 21)
March 1985 I'm bad, eating what's bad (RF p. 15)
Purim, 1985 Return to the Chabad house (RF p. 23)
Late winter, 1985 One Musical Family (RF p. 32) (photo of Solomon at window is p 31)

March 8, 1985 God Loves Dirty Hands (RF p. 14 Begins Section 2: Coming of Spring
March 11, 1985 What we trade off (RF p.39)
March 15, 1985 Garden hoses are on sale at the K-Mart (RF p. 22)
March 25, 1985 I'm coming in to my self (RF p.36)
March 26, 1985 Steppingstones (RF p.37)
March 26, 1985 The way of the gardener (RF p.38) **
April 2, 1985 In my Dreamworld, I Imagined I was Back in School (RF p.41) **
April 4, 1985 Stopping to Smell the Roses (RF p.45) **

June 1985 Message to a City (RF p.47)
September 3, 1985 A Poem for Rollo and a Burger King Kind of Guy (RF p.60)
September 10, 1985 Credo of a Cosmic Cheerleader (RF p. 72)** (history of peace on earth)
September 25, 1985 Day of Atonement (RF p. 73)
October 1985 Trick or Treat (RF p.61)
Whole Life Expo, Pasadena 1985 – I have watched grain grow naturally (RF p.63)

April 5, 1985 Statement of Purpose p.66 (RF Begins Section 3: Statement of Purpose)

February, 1995 – Postscript for Message to a City (RF p.57)


May 26, 2018


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