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Some of the world renowned hospitals offering Organ Transplant in India as an extremely matured offering are

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Statistics show that unfortunately the number of patients waiting for an Organ Transplant is more than the number of organs available. This is the reason that worldwide, there are many organizations and medical professionals, who are very enthusiastically promoting and pushing so that more and more people come forward and be a part of it. 

India has been doing a highly commendable job in this matter as there are thousands of cases, where patients have undergone a transplant successfully and are enjoying a renewed lease of life. There are highly established hospitals in India, where Organ Transplant procedures are regularly being performed with very laudable success rates. 
Some of the world renowned hospitals offering Organ Transplant in India as an extremely matured offering are:
Fortis Hospitals 
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
Manipal Hospitals
Apollo Hospitals
Gleneagles Global Hospitals
Medanta – the Medicity
Max Healthcare
Care Hospitals
Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre
And the list goes in because India is home to several such hospitals and these hospitals are gifting the patients with a fresh chance of living a better and improved life. What makes these hospitals the ‘Mecca’ of Organ Transplant are the supremely qualified and experience surgeons, who have several successful transplant procedures to their credit. Most of these surgeons are proud recipients of prestigious awards for the pioneering level of work that they have done in this field. Not only this, there are surgeons like Dr. Mohamed Rela, who is internationally reputed for being the master in Liver Transplantation and also has his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for performing a successful transplant on a five-days old baby. Similarly, there are many such transplant specialists that India is blessed with, who are making the lives of many patients enormously easier with their knowledge and talent. 
Organ Transplant is generally needed by patients who are suffering from ailments that have damaged a particular organ beyond repair or cannot be addressed by any other form of treatment or surgery. Some of the medical conditions that can lead to serious amount of organ failure can be heart diseases, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Cirrhosis, extremely traumatic injuries or even birth defects can cause organ failure. An Organ Transplant procedure can be called the last ray of hope for such patients. 
The most commonly performed type of transplants are:
Heart Transplant
Kidney Transplant
Liver Transplant
Lung Transplant
There are other transplants too, which include:
Small Bowel Transplant
Pancreas Transplant
Corneal Transplant
Tissue Transplants like Heart Valves, Skin and Bone 
Another attribute that is enhancing and boosting the popularity of India in the matter of Organ Transplant is the cost effectiveness. Even such advanced procedure like Organ Transplant is priced vey economically here. For example, the cost of Liver Transplant in India is 10,000, while the same in USA and UK is 56,210 and 65,000 respectively. Also, Kidney Transplant costs 12,000 in India whereas in USA and UK it is priced at 62,000 and 70,000 respectively. 
When in India, why choose India Organ Transplant?
With each passing year, India is welcoming several international patients needing Organ Transplant. The presence of a leading entity like India Organ Transplant Consultants is definitely boosting the number of incoming patients. This organization welcomes its patients with the best possible services associated required by the medical tourists coming to India for Organ Transplant procedures. We, at India Organ Transplant have staff members, who are putting round the clock efforts to make the international patients feel at home during the whole treatment process. 
We have best-in-class services including:
State-of-the-art hospitals like some mentioned above, are associated with us, where we can plan the procedures for our patients 
In the matter of treatment and surgical expenses, we bring Organ Transplant in India totally within the reach of our patients 
As the best Organ Transplant surgeons are a part of our huge network, we ensure that these surgeons are there to attend to or patients 
We can arrange for the medical visa, stay and travel arrangements, hospitals formalities at the earliest 
The coordination required is done by our staff on behalf of our patients 
Our approach is very ethical and transparent and thus the patients can rely on us without any second thoughts
Apart from these, there are many there facilities for our patients, which are customized and updated as per the convenience of our patients. India Organ Transplant is ensuring that the much recognized position of India as a healthcare tourism destination stays intact and more and more patients availing Organ Transplant go back with smiles on their faces. 
Email Us- info@indiaorgantransplant.com
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