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Job’s Prayer: this is my Final Directive

Date:   5/1/2018 9:51:33 AM ( 30 mon ago)

It is called Job's Prayer:

Job´s Prayer

Come my friends,
Let us make no more walls and fences.
Let us grow peaches between us.
Close your eyes. Hold my hand.
Let's make peace through asking,
listening, and affirming
the Enchanted Garden on earth
that exists deep, deep, within us.
May we open our eyes to peace as well,
use gardening tools to uplift each other,
spades to confirm peace
visibly before us.

Come, my friends,
let us taste peace in holy foods
forever; smell peace in wild baby herbs
planted where unloved weeds grow;
hear and feel its ode to joy
from the mouth of earth-like Angels
as we dare to dance with water hoses.

Oh Friend--Sing me your heartfelt knowing of an age of peace
we begin growing again in harmony with nature.
As we listen in compassion, let's plant beauty and friendship
that in making life we draw holy presence into each of us.

Oh sacred child you are, freed, restored,
returned, bringer of sunlight who found a way to earth,
come, let us nurture your seed dream
in our shared garden.
Together, let's make more fertile soil.

Leslie Goldman, your enchanted gardener
written during the 80's*

“It was crazy. First came the acupuncturist, then “room service” (nutrition), then the healing touch practitioners and then the therapy dogs! At one point they were ALL in the room at the same time!!! I’ll see if I caught a photo of that. — Adrienne Prince

Day before spine surgery
April 30, 2018

Thinking of you. Spine surgery from vehicle accident March 29 is set for 2 pm, Tuesday, May 1, 2018, Thornton Hospital. Thanks!
Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog 619-384-2631

“You, two, are certainly doing your part to bring us back from the brink.”
—Lori Johnson
Head of Energy Therapy Services,
UC San Diego Health

“I am thinking of you today, Leslie! You are showing such grace in all this, dealing with pain by bringing beauty, smiles and poetry in other people’s lives.
Love and good thoughts for successful surgery today!”
-Mother Gordana


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