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Days 20 -22 of my water fast. With details

Date:   11/27/2017 5:07:39 AM ( 3 y ago)

Day 20. 225, Waist 104.5cm Chest 123cm

Had an interesting day. Lot's of walking as i had to meet up with an old friend in the city. Almost did 25,000steps which I really shouldn't be doing but I don't go out often with old friends. I sat with her and her partner while they had lunch. It was a massive plate of deep fried food and chips. I just had my ice cold water. We went to a cafe about an hour later and she wanted me to have a milkshake and a cake and I told her I really didn't want to break my fast by eating something that could cause problems and she decided to have a glass of water with ice too. This is really amazing because she's 460lbs and when we used to go out we'd always binge like crazy. I was worried that hanging out with people that ate large amounts of food may bring me back to my old habbits but no, I think my habbits rubbed off. Feeling positive about the future.

Day 21. 224.4lbs, Waist 104cm Chest 123cm 

I can't stop worrying about my heart. I know I'm seeing my GP and I'm doing everything right now but I keep reading articles where people have died during a fast or a VLCD and it's scarying me. Some of these people also had GPs monitoring them. I think maybe it's my mind trying to trick me back into eating. So I won't give in! I have 9 days to go, then 2 weeks of a healthy refeed. 

Day 22. 224lbs, Waist 103cm Chest 123cm 

Very tired today. My mind feels clouded. It's like I'm in a dream. I can't believe I've come this far after all my bad drinking and eating. I thought I had gotten to a point in my life where I would fall off the edge and that would be the end of me but this fast really has opened up my eyes. I'm trying to walk less. My GP said I should aim for 10k to keep my heart healthy and active but I'm feeling pretty tired. I just want to curl up and sleep. I also notive my temperature is high. Like the past 2 weeks it's been higher than normal. I wonder what that's about. Perhaps my body is fighting something. I wouldn't be supprised.



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