Wed Chat and 13.1 Trainer by ren .....

First full day of half marathon training...yes honey! YES! Yaaaaaaasssss...even haha derp!

Date:   9/20/2017 8:43:40 AM ( 5 y ago)

I moved a blog post to my spiritual blog about channeled messages. It's neat. Check it out.

Otherwise, I am doing a half marathon in November using 13.1 Trainer. Check out app in google play.

I had coffee with my vitamins and a banana with chia seeds and peanut butter mashed up with nutritional yeast flakes LOL...and afterwards sat my bum on the couch and did a little writing in the novel. I get the best ideas when I walk and run and workout...Read here about getting in the "zone"...

What is the alpha state of mind and why would we want to run in this state? The alpha mind state is a very relaxed but also a totally aware state of mind. The mind and body are calm and alert and mental processes are improved. It is in this state that runners experience the zone or runners high.

Alpha brain waves, which can be detected using an EEG, are present in the alpha mind state. The brain waves are synchronous and coherent. This state is often achieved during meditation when the mind is quiet. It can also be achieved with deep, slow breathing.

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