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Healing Report #CancerCure Journey heirloom Expo

Date:   9/7/2017 10:59:43 AM ( 3 y ago)

Life is a story to be told at #heirloomexpo.
Thanks to Daniel for picking up Uva-Urvi in route to National Heirloom Exposition (7th annual) September
6, and To Emily Frey for picking up Shephards Purse.

This are two remedies I have been using on my personal #CancerCure Journey.

There have been times-including Sept 6, 2017--when I have experienced intense bleeding and the release of blood clots. I bled both times I used the bathroom on the first day of this three day event.

Day one was a day to work through emotional issues. I wanted to be on the main stage sharing #PlantYourDream.

Later in the afternoon, my energy shifted. Shannon McCabe invited me to help with the introduction of Dr Vandana Shiva, and within a brief one minute experience I planted her see dream for all of us that's the life of the seed will continue and flourish. We are all #SacredSeed I affirmed to all in the seats, more than 500 of us. Growing heirloom seeds is one way we carry forward the stories of indigenous cultures and there are many blessings when we align with nature in something as fundamental as experiencing seats we have planted grow.

My healing journey continued through #HeirloomExpo. I woke up in very early morning September 6 with blood clots blocking the passage of urine. I felt a great urgency but could not release. That was the first time in my life I've ever experienced this kind of blockage to this extent.

Perhaps I was dehydrated. Perhaps it was the healing energy that I received on stage in being able to share and give. Perhaps it was some unknown factor. When we are working there is a phenomenon known as the healing crisis. There are times when we cannot tell up from down. There are times when we will have symptoms and cannot tell if we are in the process of healing or in the process of getting worse so to speak.

It is in these times when we need faith.

I spent the entire morning till well after 1 o'clock on the second day of #HeirloomExpo in a bathroom dealing with pain and the possibility that I might be having a hospital visit to open up what was blocked.

I turned to my standby Anime Amino, that has been my natural anti-inflammatory for more than a decade. It relieves pain.

Around 1 o'clock I relaxed and took a little nap in the #EnchantedGardenMobile.

Adrienne was holding my hand and very concerned. The blockage began to release. Within an hour or two. The stream of urine returned. It continued to be bloody. The force of the stream was able to push through to blood clots that were enough to make a large size chicken liver sandwich. How the body can release something that large through the front end is the wonder of nature. I am reminded of the teaching of my mentor Dr. Bernard Jensen, Who taught me that we need to be patient with natural healing.

I continued to rest. Beloved Jennifer Rae Fitzhugh came by. We had a deep healing moment. Then, butterfly medicine woman Jamie Jackson, One of the very special teachers here among more than 100, did some healing work on me as I lay prone in the back of my 68 VW van.

Within a few hours I was on stage having a ball with my brother from another mother Berry Wynn Who orchestrates the great medicine show stage. We videoed that three minute invitation for people to adopt #PetCelebritySquash before leaving the show.

I learned a great lesson on day two of #HeirloomExpo. I was into much pain to do any of the activity, other than an early morning connection with my sponsor Bob Quinn, The man who took a handful of ancient wheat seeds and now has provided sustenance for more than 250 organic farmers.

Harvey, Who is professionally filming part of the activities came by just as I was making a video with Bob. Good timing. No one who watches this video on TV will ever know that I was in discomfort physically while we made the recording.

The entire evening was an incredible celebration of healing for me.

We had joyous moments with Paul Wallace, and Natalie who are you making high-quality American cotton shirts.

I was at the mic at a very special gathering in the Malibu Compost sponsored Biodynamic Community area. I had the opportunity to give props to You Lee Kim and Colum Riley.

I plan to have a great day today.

8:53 am
Sept 7, 2017


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