Visiting the heavenly beer bar--inspired by Tes by YourEnchantedGardener .....

Visiting the heavenly beer bar--inspired by Tes

Date:   6/9/2017 5:17:19 PM ( 3 y ago)

Yes! I relate! There is a place called #TheHeavenlyBeerBar.

The Universe, speaking through Guides in Spirit, sit around a long wooden table, with wooden stein mugs filled with brew fermented from Ancient Wheat. They get bored. So few of us consciously ask for guidance or help. It's like we imagine they do not exist. So ever so often, as in a reality TV show, they stretch, looking over the side through the clouds. Sometimes they say, well, We might as well check in on #YourEnchantedGardener and see what kind of drama or fun or growth pattern he's going through now!!! They are amazed!!! They laugh and chuckle!!! Then they raise their mugs, and say hip hip her Rae!!!

It's so much fun to be alive in a body and have the opportunity to learn so many things so quickly.

Dance!!! Yes, Dance!!
Till Life feels like it is swirling around you, and you swirling around with Life!!

Leslie Goldman

Inspired by
Tes Kempner
& Golden Drake
Aweli Juls Partyka
Sabella Lichtman
Trudy Holloway
Eve Sara
Jo Jackson
Lauren Zack
Jenna Rowe
Roxanne DePalma
Roxane Schwabe
Kate Franzese
Cherie Smart

3:17 am
June 9, 2017

I found this posted on Facebook a few minutes ago. It inspired the above writing.

"We are "on stage" right now.
Just like "The Truman Show!"
Whether "alone" - in silence or soliloquy -
in communication with "others" -
we are being "witnessed" by Existence.

So make sure you're at peace with your own habits and activities...

The "audience" is watching - and listening!

;) <3"

Zia Lara
Nadia Sessen
Abby Kneipp

Kirti Srivastava


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