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Dream dinner at 2017 #heirloomexp

Date:   4/1/2017 10:28:46 AM ( 3 y ago)

I have a vision I would like to see and share with you .

Reminder: this is just a vision, something I would like to see for that 2017 #HeirloomExpo,September5-7,2017 at the Sonoma Fairgrounds.

At the Heirloom Expo, there's a tremendous assortment of beautiful foods. There's also the kitchen .

I'm not sure what it would take to pull this off, but I'd like to see it happen .

I would like to see a sit down dinner mid week, Wednesday Eve, Where we take time to acknowledge the growth of our movement educating about the importance of heirloom seeds.

I'd like to see a crew of master chef's S, gather foods from the vast assortment of Heirloom ingredients and prepare a meal that would be ticketed as a fundraiser .

At the #ExpoWest, The @natursl product expo, held in March at the Anaheim convention center or nearby , The Organic industry gathers to celebrate and network.

The two networking events that I attend are the highlight gathering where the leadership of the movement converges .

The leading companies in the Organic industry purchase tables for their staff .

I would like to see a time when all the vendors at the national Heirloom Expo get together and network and sit down and enjoy a dinner together.

We could bring in some celebrity chefs.

The only responsibility at the Baker Creek heirloom seed company staff would have would be enjoying the dinner .

And additional team of volunteers, perhaps including products from some of the vendors would be shared.

How do you like the idea ?


Would you like to volunteer to make this idea happen, and pursue what it would take to make it happen ?

Let me know.

Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog


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