Goddess Garden initiated march 25 by YourEnchantedGardener .....

Goddess garden concept initiated march 35.

Date:   3/21/2017 5:21:24 AM ( 3 y ago)

Goddess Gardens are Essential where Woman goes to ritualize putting Seeds in the ground.

This is the dance I want Traci McKnight and others to demonstrate march 25 at SeedFest Terra Madre Gardens
Rain or shine!

We will read #MyGoddessPrayerForYou as seeds are handed out to be planted.

The declaration dedicated to #WomanRising begins with these words;

"The love I bring you is not of this earth as most people have created this earth, yet I am love this new earth has created for this moment!"

i'm calling upon the sisterhood to dance this idea alive at 12:30 pm this coming Saturday.

Centehua Sage
Johanna Kether
Ashley Ryan
Lynsi Atman
Roxanne DePalma
Kerem Brulé
Summer Athena Fae
Sarah Miller
Sarah Churchill

Zia Lara
Jessica Sanchez
Anna Chio
Esmeralda Hummingbird

Greenlove & e3 💕
Shelah Ott
Rachel Fetterman
Emma Head
Faina Margulis
Jillian Grabenstein

Endless Valentines❤ from #WordsMenNeedToKnowowandWomenwanttoHear http://plantyourdream.net/?p=21347


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