Restore the JR ORganics CSA TO PCOM by YourEnchantedGardener .....

Restore the JR ORganics CSA TO PCOM

Date:   1/21/2017 9:29:57 AM ( 4 y ago)

Abriana Young thank you for playing a role in this with veterans st #StandingRock.

Closing The Loop Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - San Diego. Thank you for wanting to restore the J R Organics CSA Farm for #FacesofTheNewMedicine at PCOM peeps

Lynsi Atman
Danielle Loewenstein

Stephen Clark
Michael Clark
Goyo Rodriguez
Greg Lane
Gretchen Seitz
Warren Sheir
Richard Gold
Stacy Gomes

Joan E Marrero

#HeakthComesToSanDiego The Enchanted Garden Club 2016-2017 #PlantYourDreamBlog Campaign


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