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Soft dry fast symptoms

Date:   3/1/2016 11:40:31 AM ( 5 y ago)

Here I am, almost half-way through day 1. Nothing particularly notable is happening as of yet except for being light-headed and feeling a little weakness in legs. Had some hunger pangs earlier but those subsided. Not particularly thirsty yet. Some quite persistent headache and irritability are probably the worst of all. Craving my cup of coffee.

Last night had a shower and ended up having several tablespoons of sunflower seeds, some flax seed, a cup of supergreens mix and a handful of vitamins and probiotics. This morning decided to have some more vitamins and may decide to take them every morning for the duration of this fast. This is a soft dry fast in the end. Felt a little weak in the morning, which is not uncommon for me. Planning on going for a walk during lunch time. I will try to resist the urge to weight myself today. Will focus on getting enough rest instead.


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