Day 1: 40 day Waterfast by J e k k y .....

Not much to report on other than small pangs of hunger.

Date:   2/16/2016 12:33:03 PM ( 5 y ago)

I will be posting the same day or about the previous days during my water fast.

Current weight: 170.4 lbs
I will not be checking my weight daily because I'd rather not stress over that stuff, although I will be checking my weight at the end of every week. (:

Day 1, February 16, 2016:

I still had energy. No hunger pangs until later that day. I was able to skate with my younger siblings and do normal day routines such as; meal prep, cooking, household chores, etc. I drank water when I felt hungry and the hunger would go away.

I was able to fall asleep last night with ease. I did think about food multiple times but it was all very bearable.

There isn't much to say about day 1 but I am looking forward to day 2 being a little harder regarding denying my body and mind food. lol
So I'll see you later angels!

Tip: Keep yourself busy the first few days. Stay away from the television because of the very tempting and delicious looking food they advertise during commercials.


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