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Date:   2/14/2016 11:10:52 PM ( 7 y ago)

Hey, everyone, I hope you're doing well.

I mainly want to report progress in this blog. Maybe you can find similarities from your own life here.

My report is
I am taking multi vitamins with zinc, iron and calcium in them, calcium which is good for my bones, I know that on a paleo diet I'll need it for healthy bones.
fish oil.
I plan to take digestive enzymes (or L glutamine)
And I plan on going on a vegan, gluten free diet.

I write down everything I eat every day on my computer, it is helpful for people going on diets because it helps you keep track.

I may not post in this 'blog' very often due to that I just can't see the point, there isn't much to talk about in my case. I'm okay with that, I'm only focused on getting my life together not keeping a blog about it, if you understand, so that's why I'll only post maybe if I have something important to say, otherwise just check out my curezone forum posts.

(Username depressedstressedgal) always open to chat with friendly people also suffering with this.


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