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Intravenous Vitamin C.

Date:   10/6/2015 9:52:46 AM ( 8 y ago)

So, why is juicing so beneficial to your health?

Because when you have freshly-juiced organic fruits and veggies first thing in the morning....BEFORE solid foods....the healthy liquids bypass your digestive system and go directly into your body's core vessels and rebuilds your body on a cellular level and strengthens your immune system (which battles all disorders and diseases and disruptions in your body).

This is also why a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar taken in the same measure is also so very healthy for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar (with the "Mother" ingredient, marketed by Bragg's or Sprouts' brand) is a high dose of Vitamin C, and your just not gonna' get a healthier "shot in the arm" (without the needle!) than that.

Another ideal option for rebuilding your body on a cellular level and to boost the strength of your immune system is to DRINK a glass of Vitamin C - meaning:

Instead of taking a vitamin c pill or capsule, purchase the crystal Vitamin C, and take a tea-spoon of it and mix it in a glass of pure water...first thing in the morning...BEFORE your solid food breakfast (which should ideally be any wonderful mix of fruits and nuts).

Either way, the juicing (and the NOT the processed kind you buy at the store), the Apple Cider Vinegar), and the liquid Vitamin C is a like an intravenous dose of strong natural medicine (without the needle)!

Here's to your Happy Health!


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