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Know what you buy, before you buy!!

Date:   9/20/2015 6:43:01 AM ( 6 y ago)

I saw a post on Curezone about fake Honey and people getting scammed and boy is that true. I talked to my connections here in Jordan and asked how ebay could sell honey so cheap and they tell me it is not real honey.

Yemen is at war and the only way to get honey in the country or any country is thru Saudi Arabia via camel. You cannot trust anyone in the US who is bringing it in barrels or mass amounts as it is extremely difficult to get.

The best source for honey is in the Middle East. Be prepared to pay a hefty price also. With the war in Yemen stores are asking higher prices. Winter honeys are solid or very thick and those honeys are cheaper.

Good quality Yemeni Sidr Honey cost around $150 a kilo. Mountain Sidr cost $180 and Hadramout grade 2 honey cost $100.

When looking to buy honey, buy a small jar and test the honey. My honey has 5 star ratings and people return over and over again for the clarity of the honey.

True Do'ani honey is a healing and top seller but the absolute truth is the best honey combination is with royal jelly. Royal honey cost up to $400.

What I do is take Do'ani honey add in a few spoons of Royal Honey and then add in some propolis, bee pollen and cinammon. I have not seen any company in the US or Canada offer Yemeni Herbs.

Now I do love the capsules from Australia that is propolis but they are expensive. 90 caps cost $21.95. You need 2 to 3 daily.

I never thought I would sell honey and it cost me a fortune to stock it as you must buy in bulk but for those who do know the benefits, no amount of money is too much. I personally use it daily.

While there are some good honeys in the US like Balqees located at some stores, I would ask your friends for help and recommendations.

My store is now open. http://www.nigella--sativa.com


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