Day 54 & First day of My 21-30 Day Water Fast by Itslikerubber .....

Results Thursday!

Date:   7/16/2015 7:46:24 AM ( 6 y ago)

I hope this isn't getting confusing, but 54 days ago I successfully went on a 40 day water fast and lost over 40lbs. I knew I needed to lose 70+ pounds so I set my goal at 60 days knowing in the back of my mind that the magic number has always been 40 days so if the weight loss became less than 1lb a day I would not continue on water only.

Well it's been exactly 14 days of eating since the 40 day water fast and I just weighed myself & took measurements. I want a 26 inch waist like i had before. When i met him, my waist was 23-24 inches. I'm not going for that. I was too skinny then. I had no breasts and a flat bump of a butt.

Anyways this next 21-30 days is to lose the belly fat; I don't care as much about the number of pounds the scale says. I said I would only track measurements, but I was curious about how much I weighed after 2 weeks off the fast and now that I'm can fit a size 10 (54 days ago I was a size 18).

Thur 07/16/15
Waist 34
Thigh. 23.5 L. 24R
Hip. 42
Bicep. 12.5 both
Neck 13.75
Weight 172.8. (4 lbs higher than lowest weight on fast)

Ok so yesterday I did pigout because it was a load day. I shared a Mango Prawn Salad, Pork Glass Noodle Salad, Sa Dai Chicken with Rice, and a Banana Split.

Here I Go! Day 1 of 21-30 Day Water Fast!!!


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