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What's in a Name; Round 2; 30 days

Date:   7/5/2015 1:01:36 AM ( 6 y ago)

I'm still counting to 60 days for the name of this blog, but I start Round 2 which will be 30 days on Monday July 6th. I lost the most amount of weight within 30 days during Round 1, which I made it 40 days water fasting and went from 212lbs to 169lbs. The last 10 days of the 40 days were least productive. I lost about 4lbs and no real health improvements. Actually my tongue got worse the longer I went after the 30th day. Now that I am taking this3 day break after making it 40 days, my tongue is more pink than it has ever been.

Permanent changes have to come after a water fast to sustain the benefits so if I can't jump back on the horse after a 3 day break from making it 40 days, I will be in trouble. I'm kind of thinking of these 3 days as load days kinda like with HCG. Trying to reboot metabolism. So far I just eat puréed things and watermelon slushies. I ate 4 pickles instead of drinking the juice and tried some Indian food, but really how I eat, the things I crave now, and the amount is so different from when I started. I have only had seafood for meat though. Anyways it's out Independance Day and I'm still partying. This has been the best July 4th EVER!!! It was NUTS!


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