January 2015- Not a Happy New Year by vch .....

The rare occassion I drank landed me in ER and psych ward. This is not characteristic of me.

Date:   6/2/2015 3:12:59 AM ( 6 y ago)

In January 2015 I was separated from my family. The intent was for me to go visit my mom for a week. Well, a week has turned into six months. I miss my kids more than anything possibly imagineable. They are my everything.

On December 24,2014, I blacked out (my BP had been very low). I didn't black out lightly. I flew backwards, felt like I was hit with a ball, and landed directly on my skull and spine (as mentioned in a previous post). At the time, I was only given a CT of my head. My spine is killing me and it is June 2015. I had MRIs schedule for Febuary but those were canceled. I'll get to that later.

On Dec.27 I went to Bayfront Hospital. I had tingling all down my legs, like electrical pin pricks, and could hardly move. I don't know why they did not look at my spine and only did a CT of my head again. I got sent away, unbelievable.

In flight to SC, I completely blacked out. I don't know how I made it to my mom's. I was not drinking or anything, it was from the trauma I sustained to my head. Horrifying. All I remember is being glad to see my mom's face at the airport. I love her.

I did something I thoroughly regret and is not characteristic of me, except the time I injured myself for infecting my kids. I was still sooooooo mad at myself for infecting my children accidentally with strongyloidiasis/ascariasis AND I was in the worst physical pain in my spine (I never take narcotics, except when I fractured my elbow). I decided to "numb" my pain and be done with this whole mess of worm infestation, mad about infecting my children, and spine pain. (As I lay in bed, even now, my buttocks feel numb....not good.). I decided to drink, and I never drink. I don't like the taste of alcohol, none of it-- except a holiday White Russian. I drank a bottle of wine and 1/8 bottle of bourbon. Well, I am too much of a chicken to really harm myself (it has never been characteristic of me until I infected my kids. I can't handle knowing they are suffering and nobody cares). I brought myself to a neighbor's house because I knew I was going to pass out. I did and ER brought me to hospital then psych ward. Keep in mind, I was having excruciating back pain but the medical community still has not looked into it. I 100% understand why I had to go to the psych ward. They suspected I would harm myself. I will never drink again. That is not the place anybody wants to be at, ever!

I have had to turn to God and pray that He watch over my babies. I pray for divine intervention for them because the ascaris larvae was detected in my saliva and they deserve treatment. I NEVER wanted to return back to a psych facility because it is horrible. No more intoxication!!!!! That was a very rare happening for me. But go figure that I am such a light weight, of course that was too much for me. Don't worry I have had routine outpatient counseling to be able to vent. The psychiatrist even put me on ivermectin and albendazole to try to treat my hyperinfection.


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