Our Greatest Gift! by Chef JeM .....

Is also one of the greatest and most basic human needs that everyone shares.

Date:   1/28/2015 9:04:54 AM ( 8 y ago)

In the early 60s - my father (with a Birth Card of the 6 of Clubs/"The Messenger") told me (possibly a couple of times) that the two greatest needs were to love and be loved. I totally identified with the need and internalized my father's message! In early 1967 Jefferson Airplane electri-fried it with their penetrating sonic mania: "Somebody To Love": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somebody_to_Love_(Jefferson_Airplane_song)

But did I truly know what Love Is? Love is certainly a key "heart word" in the suit of hearts when one studies the cards. My King of Hearts Birth Card is known as "Master of The Heart" however it might better read "born to master the emotions". ; ~ ) My combined third and fifth lines in both Sun/Earth sets of my Human Design activations indicate a challenging learning path and that played out "in spades" in my relationships! Holy Jesus did I ever learn! ; ~ )

Today I am all-grateful! Now I can say with full confidence our greatest gift to ourselves, extended to others and to all of life is our own authentic expression of love! Our second greatest gift is in teaching others how to love themselves and how to express their love.

Both "gifts" can be supported by radically honest communications. Dyad communications can create the sacred space for two individuals to begin practicing telling the truth about their love, both their need for love as well as their need to love. In fact the dyad: "Tell me what love is" has been used on three-day Intensives as the one and only contemplation and subject of all of the dyad communication cycles!

Another dyad is "Tell me how you want to be loved".

October 4, 2016 -

My HumanDesign BodyGraph includes "The Right Angle Cross of Vessel of Love-3" as my Incarnation Cross. The four Gates are all located in the Self Center:
10 (Behavior of the Self), 15 (Extremes), 46 (The Determination of the Self) and 25 (The Spirit of the Self).

As the name implies - this Cross is based in love. Love of the Spirit, Love of the Body, Love of Humanity and Love of the Self. The destiny for individuals with this Cross is: to "bring the energy of the love of life." Individuals with this Cross are into their body and everything that affects it. They are into experiencing this earthly existence and doing it in a loving way. They are here to be love and the key ... is that it has a sensuousness to it. They are here to show others how to love being alive. [73]

Today I continue to realize my need to give my "Love of the Self" to myself. And as I turn my attention in that Direction (possibly the primary "Self Center" function) I reconnect with my "Truth of Self" which is where I truly Live! Today I stand in "the 'Truth of Self'" and whatever other people may say about "me" (who they think I am) is seen by me as nothing to be taken personally by me as it is all about the other! And if by chance I don't really feel that within the residual "pain body" then I simply continue to "turn my attention in the "Direction" of "the 'Truth of Self'" with the intention of welcoming my blessed union with that! I am here to Be Love and my blessed cross includes my very own Love of Self!

I Love and I Am ~ All Grateful!

April 26, 2018 - "We are having a spiritual experience". - by Jon Rappoport -

And we are learning what that experience is.

Certain people, extraordinary people, show us qualities that transcend life.

These qualities, courage and love.

In the common arena where we all live, there are sufferings, but we can see that certain people transcend that. They come here, not only with a message, but with how they live. And how they live is greater than this life.

These people—there are many more of them than we ordinarily suppose.

This spiritual experience we are having—it is something we are learning about. I want to repeat that, because I’m not talking about something that appears and then is final. We are, if we are aware, learning.

Courage and love transcend this life we are living in the common arena. ..."

plus this comment: "Courage is needed to generate and defend love, and love is needed to sustain our courage."[1]


[1] https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2018/04/26/we-are-having-a-spiritual-experience/


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